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Arboleaf Massagers


To all my fellow humans who strength train, practice yoga, cycle, run, or just move at all:

I have been using Arboleaf massage guns for two and a half years. They have been essential to my recovery processes. It relieves tightness in my forearms, where I need it the most, and just about everywhere else. I've used it for warmups, post-work outs, and recovery from all my passions.

I'm excited to partner directly with Arboleaf to offer you these fantastic products because of what they've done for me! They are expertly crafted to loosen tight muscles in need, increase blood flow, relax connective tissue , and improve mobility.


In other words, recovered muscles do more.

The CM20C paired with the Hot and Cold Accessory Head is my personal favorite. It even fits in my murse. Check out all their specs below.

A Note from Deka

Stay consistent and recover properly.

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