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Corporate Wellness & Fitness Program

Stronger Employees
A healthier company

Nurture a thriving workplace by prioritizing the well-being of your team through Canvas Muscle's Corporate Wellness Programs. Healthy employees are the cornerstone of a robust company, fostering camaraderie, boosting productivity, and creating a positive work environment. Canvas Muscle, with their unique approach that caters to individuals of all shapes and sizes, is your partner in promoting wellness at every level of your organization.


Canvas Muscle adapts and tailors fitness solutions to the specific stressors prevalent in your industry. From repetitive motion damage found in manufacturing to the sedentary medical issues that can arise from sitting at a desk all day, Canvas can help.


Elevate your corporate wellness initiative with Canvas Muscle's industry-tailored fitness programs. Contact us today to explore how we can support your employees in overcoming physical stressors and achieving optimal well-being.

Why Canvas Muscle?

Grow your corporate wellness program seamlessly with Canvas Muscle's scalable offerings.

  • Virtual Engagement.

  • Reach every employee, regardless of location, through our dynamic virtual platform.

  • Employee-Centric Approach.

  • Regularly collect feedback to customize the program based on employee preferences.

Corporate Membership Tiers

Basic Membership:

  • Virtual access to Fit Foundations program at an exclusive rate.

  • Engaging virtual fitness classes, personalized workout plans, and wellness resources.

  • Monthly fee tailored to your company's size.


Premium Membership:

  • Elevated access to Fit Foundations with added features for a comprehensive fitness experience.

  • Live virtual classes led by Deka himself.

  • Exclusive fitness challenges and rewards.

  • Monthly Company Visits:

    • InBody270 Assessments

    • Q&A sessions and engaging wellness workshops.

    • Tailor the frequency and nature of visits to suit your company's preferences

Reach out below to schedule a consultation for your business
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