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How to live a healthy lifestyle

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

At the start of every year, millions of people make a new year's resolution to work out. But 80% of those resolutions fail by February. We're halfway through May now. If you've lost your motivation, keep reading. We'll get you back on track with these tips.

How to build a regular workout habit
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Find an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle

According to The Conversation, people stop going to the gym because the commitments were made in a charged emotional state. Motivation assists in achieving short-term objectives, but is virtually useless for achieving longer-term goals. To make sure you achieve your long-term objectives, find an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle.

Schedule time to workout

Everyone is busy. But it's time we make our health a priority. Most people set aside a time each day to work out. If your schedule fluctuates, that may not be the solution for you. Instead, add a calendar entry to block off workout time. Set a reminder and commit as if it were a business meeting.

Improve your eating habits

Another example of making a commitment in a charged emotional state is immediately going from a less nutritious diet to a healthy diet. Most people are unable to commit to such a drastic change and find themselves binge eating those less nutritious foods. Instead, improve your eating habits slowly. Add more vegetables to your plate even when you dine out. Focus on improving your dietary pattern than restricting yourself. So yes, it's ok to have that doughnut.

healthy eating lifestyle
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Get adequate sleep

Are you aware that sleep is necessary for fitness? Your body recovers, conserves energy, repairs and builds up the muscles worked during exercise when you sleep. So no, muscles aren't just made in the gym. In addition, sleep is an extremely important component of energy metabolism. A study done by the University of Chicago Medicine found that if you are sleep deprived, your fat cells may not function properly. And we definitely want them to because if we don't get enough sleep, our bodies could become resistant to insulin.

Make regular doctor visits

Looking healthy or not looking sick are fallacies. We don't know what's going on in our bodies until the pain, nausea, etc. hits. So schedule regular visits with your doctor. Make a list of symptoms and questions you'd like answered so you're prepared for the appointment. And be sure to follow doctor's orders!


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