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Fitness + Nutrition

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Embark on a transformative health and fitness journey at Canvas Muscle, where wellness integrates into your busy lifestyle through realistic consistency. Amidst life's demands, self-care often takes a back seat. Our mission is to change that.


Discover expertly crafted fitness programs that not only align with your unique goals but fit into your routine. From personalized fitness nutrition guides to dedicated accountability support, we've got you covered.

It's time to prioritize strength and health without compromising efficiency or time. Your journey to a holistic healthier you begins here.

Why Canvas Works

Personalized Fitness
for Busy Lives.

Discover the freedom of exercising at your own pace and convenience.


Whether you have a fully equipped home gym or just a small space, Canvas adapts to your needs. We can foster effective results with just a kettlebell.


This seamless integration into your lifestyle allows you to achieve remarkable results without the need for a commute.

Revel in personalized workout plans that evolve with your progress. Our digitally delivered training programs provide tailored workouts and personalized nutrition guides.


No cookie-cutter routines here. Exercises designed to meet your fitness goals, are delivered right through our app.

We work with InBody to deliver trackable and beautifully specific results.

Achieve more together as you enjoy dedicated support and accountability, ensuring you stay on track and motivated throughout your fitness and health journey.

Our community is here to celebrate your victories and offer encouragement during challenges.


No Home Gym or Gym Membership?
No Problem.

At Canvas Muscle, we believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their access to a gym. Our kettlebell series are meticulously designed to cater to individuals without a home gym or traditional membership, making fitness a reality for everyone.

We know how to harness the power of kettlebell workouts to build strength, flexibility, and increase muscle mass. No fancy gym required for body weight brilliance – we can leverage your body weight for effective, results-driven exercises.


Anywhere, Anytime: Our virtual fitness programs ensure that you can embark on your fitness journey from the comfort of your home or any preferred location.

Whether you're a fitness beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, Canvas Muscle tailors workout plans that fit your lifestyle. Break free from the constraints of a gym or expensive equipment, and join us in making fitness accessible to all. Canvas Muscle's commitment to inclusivity and personalized fitness solutions.

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